Hi, I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones, I am willing to spend up to 40 bucks and i was wondering if one of the experienced pit goers my have any recommendation on which ones to check out.

thanks for your time
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I got myself a nice pair of Sony earbuds on sale for $10 and they're quite nice for the money. It seems you can never go wrong with Sony headphones from my experience.
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The pit has numerous resident audiophiles. The one company you will hear about a lot is sure. They make pretty good headphones for a range of prices.

Surely you meant Shure

Grado makes glorious headphones but I'm not sure they have a pair in your price range...

The SR60 is their entry level headphone at $70. IMHO well worth the extra scrilla.
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in that sort of range I'd look at sony, sennheiser (although be careful, it may just be me but every pair I've had has died really quickly), scullcandy are ok, they look cooler than they sound though
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Bose ftw yes... but not for 40 bucks :p. Get some sonys or sennheisers.
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