I've been having doubts about my band right now. My drummers mom is a complete and utter bitch and will give him chores to do right in the middle of practice, and our keyboardist has ADHD incredibly bad. I know they can't help their problems and I'd feel like a total douche to just ditch them, but it's not really fair to me if I can't practice and have a band just because they can't comit or focus. Plus, they are both very talented at their instruments. I have about three songs completly written and ready for the rest of the band, but if it doesn't look like this band is going to go anywhere, idk if I want to show the songs to them.

Anyone have any idea what I should do? I don't want to leave behind such great musicians, but if the comitment level is not their, what can I do?
If they're not commited, then they really can't be considered great musicians.

Anyone can play solo, but it takes alot to be in a band.

From the way you're telling ME, I would go look for other people to be in a band with.

If they're really close friends of yours... Then I have no advice for you... Sorry.
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Have a serious talk with your band. Those aren't reasons to quit.
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Try to talk to them?

And wtf, just stay away from that drummers mom when you practice.

But yeah, talk to them, then do what feels right, not that hard, man....
If you live in an area with a lot of musicians, I would consider quitting or replacing members with new ones. If you don't, I would stick with them until I found something new.

Whatever you do though, talk to the people in the band about the situation first. They might be willing to make some changes if thats what they have to do to keep the band together.
Practice not at the drummer's house, and make sure the cells phones are off making some believable excuse like "the cell phone circuitry messes up the amps"

As for the keyboardist - see a doctor, set up an appointment with the whole band, and discuss ways that can possibly work. People with ADHD probably have medications so take them maybe half hour before practice and try to have short, focused practices, maybe dissecting one song, then let him (I believe it has to do with attention) drift off like he might do, then come back together to get him to focus again, etc.

You shouldn't quit yet. Try to work around it, if they're you're friends, that might be tough to try. But they should understand, just wish them alot of luck and whatnot.