Hey guys. Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but I have went through 3 or 4 mediocre pedals for metal and none have really been what I am looking for. I want to play As I lay Dying, August Burns Red, Protest the Hero...hardcore/metalcore kind of stuff, reallly heavy distortion. Any suggestions? Thanks/
i have the electro-harmonix metal muff with top boost and i love it. i have used it on my crappy practice amp and a fender half stack and it screams. its amazing. i play pth, aild, and august burns red some. so ya its good
DigiTech Death Metal Distortion rocks! like its an insane amount of distortion lol .
^ agreed. Whatever you do don't get anything by Boss or Digitech, they are all week muddy and you will not get the sound you're looking for. The Metal Muff is a good pedal, I used it for a while before I got my 6505+ and it was miles beyond any of the other pedals mentioned this thread.