this is even getting more stupid, i have never touched an esp viper but i have some of there videos on youtube, i have already did a poll which should i get esp ltd viper 400 or an esp ltd ex 400

in my opinions viper looks alot better than ex, but i have read some comments saying that the viper neck is heavy and the neck really suck so if any of you guys have had any experience with the viper and how does the neck feel

anyway i have a big hands for a 16 year old, so does this also help because i heard that the neck is heavy
Go and try it and ask to borrow a strap at the shop so you can see if it is as neck heavy as people say.
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the viper looks like it would be a lot more comfortable and is from what i remember cheaper ( dont quote me on that). it felt nice when i polayed a viper, but try using a strap to see if the neck is really heavier
ok, there is another problem i live in a country that does not actually sells esp guitars, so thats why i was asking if any of you guys have any experience with the viper, please tell me, because it really looks good and i like the emg 81 and emg 85