I built a new pedalboard recently, the "case" type where the top comes off on removable hinges when you unlatch it. I love this pedalboard and have used it live once so far. It's pretty much complete other than putting foam in the top of the lid.

I have 6 seperate cables running out of the board when it's hooked up:

a) amp footswitch cable
b) two 1/4" cables from a multiFX running through my amp's effects loop
c) a single 1/4" cable from the compressor to the guitar
d) a single 1/4" cable from the distortion pedal to the amp
e) The power cable off the surge protector

Last weekend I just left them all plugged in and threw them on top of all the pedals and put the top on. And when I took the top off there was a big pile of spaghetti to sort through and hook up before I could play. But I was thinking about picking up four 1/4" jacks and mounting them on the outside of the case, and then cutting two 1/4" patch cables in two and soldering the cut ends onto the inside of the jacks. By doing this I could have very clean cabling and leave all the stuff inside hooked up. All I would have to do is plug the four 1/4" cables into the jacks on the outside of the case, and then plug in the power cord and amp footswitch cable. Anyone else done this and if so did you lose much tone from the extra solder joints?