I'm getting ready to replace the Chinese 12AX7 preamp tube in my hybrid amp. It probably won't make a dramatic difference in tone, but I'm looking to get a slightly more defined and crisp tone and this is a cheap thing to try. Any preference between these two? The JJs are made in Slovakia I think and the Tungsols in Russia. I can get either of them for around $12.

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I like tungsol better for preamp tubes. JJ makes really good power tubes.
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JJ preamp tubes are darker than Tungsol, tungsol are more balanced and defined in my opinion
Tung sol are the balanced all rounder, lot of gain. JJ also have a lot of gain but they do tame the highs.
tung sol definitely. i prefer to use JJ as a power tube though.
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Thanks for the advice, confirms some other articles I've read. It's not an expensive amp but I love the way it sounds and it takes everything on the pedalboard very well. I prefer its tone over my Classic 20 and some much more expensive amps I've played. The amp is very "American voiced" but is lacking in treble, and my tonal taste is starting to turn a bit more towards a Vox like tone. Sounds like it's worth trying a Tungsol to see if it gives the tone a little more edge.
I like tungsol better for preamp tubes. JJ makes really good power tubes.

Tungsol. Unless your amp is way too bright for your tastes, they'll be a much better tube.
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The amp is actually a little too dark right now and I have to keep the treble up pretty high. I checked last night and the stock tube is actually a Sovtek, made in the same factory as Tungsol. I think the plates and maybe a couple other internals are different though.
Sovteks are way diff than JJ...doesnt matter where its made really...its how its made that matters most (unless you're dealing w/ chinese...even then their tubes are pretty good now for hi gain stuff). but yea if its too dark throw in a tungsol. my peavey 6505 ran phillips 5751-->tungsol-->JJ-->JJ-->Sovtek (PI)
Thanks all for the advice, just picked up 2 Tungsols.

I'm going to replace the Sovtek in the hybrid amp with one of the Tungsols. I have two Chinese 12AX7's in my Peavey Classic 20 and I'm going to put the 2nd Tungsol in V1 and replace the 2nd Chinese tube with the Sovtek out of the hybrid amp. Should be interesting to hear the difference in the two amps. The Chinese tubes work perfect so maybe I'll keep them as spares or Ebay them.