So I am currently in the market for a new amp. My budget is around 1400 US dollars. I mainly play a mixture of doom and thrash metal (think Sabbath + Testament). The main guitar i use is an LTD PC-1v tuned down to drop C. I am looking for a really punchy low end heavy type tone that doesn't mud out and still has definition but versatility would be nice in an amp. I have a few band projects started and I would like to start doing serious gigs.

so Go ahead, throw them recommendations at me
ENGL is a good investment for really heavy stuff. they sound great in my opinion. or if the voicing isn't right for you maybe a mesa or 5150/6505.
good budget...

Used Mesa Mark IV
ENGL Fireball/ Used ENGL Powerball
VHT Delivearance
Genz Benz El Diablo
Krank Krankenstein
If you're willing to stretch, Splawn Nitro
your right about the good budget. any one of those amps would be a good investment. then if you wanted to, a good OD could really push it over the edge.
I was really considering the Genz Benz 60 watt Diablo. Its pretty cheap and I dont really need the extra wattage, but I dont know a whole lot about them and no store around me carries them. So whats the deal with them? How is the quality? what would you compare the tone too? are they really as versatile as I have been told?