Hello..again...I always looked into an amp that could satisfy me but the tube amps are too expensive in my country so i was stuck with my roland micro cube. Then my friend bought a gt 10...it's price is not too high here and i can afford it. I mainly want a good distortion tone and i thought if roland had good distortion boss gt 10 should also have cos they are like the same company. so what you say about it? buying a processor is a good decision? will it sound digital or are they really good? I can also buy a boss gt 8 so what you say? I will change my amp to something simple like a 10-15 watt ss so lets hear your thoughts.
Gt-10 isn't much different to the Gt-8! The sound difference is minimal but the advantages it does have is the screen is bigger so you can actually see the tuner but then again to light is VEY bright! Yeah I would say just go for the Gt-10 because you can plug it into computers and it is easier to use
But will it actually worth it to buy a processor? Will I get the distortion which i want? It looks really good but i will have to read some good comments to be sure i guess...