i`m having trouble with the settibgs on my amp. Its a Fender Frontman 15G.
i like rock but just can`t get it right.... i`m currently using: bass 6, treble 2, middle 8 and drive 8.

also the third string always sounds,,,,off. its in tune, ive bought new strings specifically for the guitar countless times an still no luck!!!

i love playing the guitar i really do but lately its getting very annoying, i know i can play the songs but with the amp and the faulty string, am losing interest.

please help::
firstly. not being harsh but I have one of those amps. they just don't cut it. if the drive is below 6 it might get better but it's just not a good amp to really work with. it's a starters amp. I reccomend a new amp
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The 15G is a practice amp & you can only expect so much from it. If you need more distortion you can try a pedal.
The third string being off indicates that your intonation is probably not adjusted properly. This results in the guiatr sounding out of tune in different positions on the fretboard and is most noticeable with the G String. It's good that you can hear it though as it means you have a decent ear! You can learn how to set up your intonation thru the Web, reference books or here on UG. I personally recommend Dan Erlewine's books on the Guitar as he is very well known in professional circles (ie built the late Albert King's guitar, provided the guitar mod squad material for Guitar Player Mag for over 20 years and now works at Steward MacDonald.com (luthier supplier)
Moving on.....
try looking at the amp settings thread to find some recommended settings

i'd personally have my mids lower and my treble higher than you

maybe gain(drive) down to 7


and if above guy is right, you can check by playing the 12th fret, then doing an harmonic there, if they're not the same note, your intonation is out
thanks guys,,,,, well it looks like its time for some new kit then,, yay!
Try looking at Orange amps, they have that crunchy british rock sound the Orange 15r is a really good amp blows the frontman out of the water