Okay, so for fun I made this very quick recording using a $30 Marshall battery powered amp. You know, the really cheap, tiny plastic amp that runs on a 9-volt battery. LOL. No effects, no processing, and the most basic mixdown. I used an SM57 off-axis to record it. This recording took all of 10 minutes to make, but I thought you may get a laugh at how good even this little amp could sound. I'll add a solo to it later.


This is what I used:
What guitar?
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that thing is probobly great for practicing while traveling. it was pretty decent i'd say. of course it's not as good as an actual amp but hey, it runs on a battery lol. pretty cool.
I love things like this; little songs that completely take a dump in the face of gear elitists Nice work.

That said, I doubt changing the mic position would have sounded much different with a speaker that size

Still, awesome work, you clearly know what you're doing.