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Boss DS1
7 64%
Boss OS2
4 36%
Boss MT2
0 0%
Voters: 11.
hey, i need some help chooding between the pedals .. i like to cover mostly for linkin park and a7x and Brealing benjamin .. so what to choose ??
What amp and guitar do you have? And none of those pedals are good.
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The DS1 doesn't have much in the way of low end, but the price is certainly right, at $39.99.
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soo wt do u guys recommend as a good one ? for a good distortion ?

If you have the opportunity then just try them all out on your own. Honestly, don't listen to what the people here tell you because 99.9% of them have absolutely no clue what they are talking about!
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check out the SansAmp gt-2 and the Tri A.C.


Distortion all comes down to preference though, so yeah you'll have to try them all until you find what you're looking for!
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ok guys y i am asking for a pedal and a good distortion, because i have a squier fender AMP 22w ... its a small practice one .. with no gain just a treble and bass ... so thats y im asking ...
Then a pedal won't help much. You need a new amp.
Fender USA Telecaster
Laney VC30-210
Vox Wah
That's it :|
Can you afford a Mesa Boogie? If so go for it. Ask some more wise people on here about which one to buy, I don't know them well.
Fender USA Telecaster
Laney VC30-210
Vox Wah
That's it :|
If you can afford a Mesa Boogie, get that for sure. If not, look at a Peavey of some kind within your budget. Everyone else will tell you to stay a mile away from Marshall MGs, but I suggest trying them out. Don't go anywhere near Spiders though.
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