So this is probably by far my best song. . anywho, I'd be more than happy for C4C. I'm probably going to spend more time on this one, change a lot of stuff, i may update later depending on all of you crits. I recorded the RSE version and turned it into an mp3 and put it on my profile, so ya just visit it for the MP3. uh.... kay enjoy. C4C4C4C4C4C!!!!!
p.s. if there are any good lyricists out there reading this, i would love for you to maybe right some, cuz i suck at writing lyrics.
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by far i like the chorus and solo the most (= awesome) . the pre chorus and bridge are good ( = fine/good).

the verse doesn't really work by itself like this without words, but i am sure in the real song it doesn't have the same problem. thats the only negative i can draw, is that the guitarwork on the verse is a little bland.