Hey guys, I am just a bit confused about vibrato. Currently when I see the "~" in a tab, I wiggle my fretting hand while finger is on the note, as I'm sure is correct, but I am starting to learn bends now and I'm wondering what it's called when you bend and then wiggle the bend, like a vibrato but while you're bending up? I hope this is clear, sorry if I haven't described it right!! Thanks for any help

P.S. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYMupc564zE Perfect example of what I'm asking is at :08 and more times throughout.
its also called vibrato
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its also called vibrato

He's right you know.
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Ah ok, thanks fellas. So it's basically up to the player's preference for which method to use??

Right-o. Whatever feels and sounds best for you.

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The difference is when bending up to a note and then applying vibrato you can actually go above & below the note pitch. When you use vibrato on a fretted note with no bending you can only go above the pitch. The sound of the two is quite different and bend + vibrato is harder. To see the differnce fret say 12th fret high E and use standard vibrato. Then fret 10th fret on High E string, bend up to 12th fret and apply vibrato. You can now get your pitch to go slightly above & below the 12th fret note.
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Good luck, I'm still trying to master it but haven't yet. It really sound cool though when done well.
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