"It so happened that during the autumn of 2003, four relatively alcoholised friends from the great city of Kokkola (situated on the westcoast of Finland) found themselves on a drinking-binge once again. Eventually their conversation, or drunken blabber, touched upon the subject of music. And as musicians often do when they're wasted, the four friends decided to start a coverband, covering the likes of Pantera & Slayer among others....

Much to their own surprise, the talks actually were remembered the next day, so our anti-heroes had no choice but to gather at a rehearsal place and get the party started. This union of booze and great music continued for some weeks, until one morning when the boys realised they'd actually written a couple of songs during the previous nights beerfueled hazyness. Eventually some more songs emerged and it was time for a demo.

Mental Care Foundation was the name the boys settled for and by the end of 2003 they had a 4-track demo on their hand. Nothing much came of that, so in the spring of 2004 the MCF dudes entered a local studio with enough songs to record an album, and some weeks later their debut album was finished. The music was strongly influenced by Pantera, Slayer and Testament. Towards the end of 2004 the guys secured a deal with Low Frequency Records and in the spring of 2005 their debut album Alcohol Anthems was released. Due to other engagements the summer flew by without much happening but in October ' 05 the group met up again and decided it was time to do something. Studio 57 was booked for a total of 6 days (in two sessions) and equipped with tons of booze, a few riffs and the fear of God the guys started to bash it out. The spring of 2006 saw the release of the promo called The Holy Bastards which was sent all over the place yet yielded no response worth mentioning. As we know from before the summertime means drinking time for these guys but finally in the autumn of 2006, MCF found a new label to put out their 2nd album on and the latest in the grapevine says there will even be some shows coming up.........join us while this story still unfolds."

Alcohol fuelled thrash metal songs about being drunk, and doing drunken things. The vocalist is that lovely chap Henrik Klingenberg, from Sonata Arctica. He's a very angry man. Probably not the most technically sound singer out there, but he gets 10/10 for effort.

http://www.myspace.com/mentalcarefoundation < they even have a Myspace
Man these guys sound good drunk, I wonder what they would sound like if they were sober??? Good band IMO. Sound kinda like a mixture of alternative/industrial and thrash. And thanks for the find.
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It's alright, but not my type of music.

And the guitar tone and vocals are ****.

Just generally kinda boring too...
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