Hello, I was looking around at a Swedish auction site and found this brand, Leslie Jennings.

Now I wonder.. What are those guitar really? I tried the search bar, but none seems to have ever mentioned this brand before.

Found a LP of this brand, decided to post specs.

Harrington single binding - pickguard in color Ivory included
Bridge TunOmatic style
Tuning Maschines DieCast in Krom
2 double Humbuckers H-H
Bolt on Maple neck -
Fretboard rosewood
Machine heads in Krom (Wilkinson)
22 frets with D`Addario strings on guitarr

Well, that's it. ^^ If anyone have ever tried these out, I would like to know.


EDIT: Found out that they make SG's, Tele's and alot other guitar models. Also bass guitars. The seller bought them all from the factory to skip the "middlehands" (Don't know what it's called in english) that wants to make money. (The shops i assume?)
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Usually brands like this are (almost) factory direct.

In places like Indonesia or Korea they have pretty large factories that mostly make guitars for larger companies like Squier, Ibanez or Epiphone.

Sometimes they can't quite realize the full production capacity of the factory with an order from a major company, so they make some other, often nameless, models on the side.

These guitars are then either branded and sold by the factory itself, or sold on to someone else, which seems to be the case here.

The thing with these guitars is that they are in most cases a gamble for the buyer when bought online; some are excellent, whilst others are not. The most likely case is that it's going to be a beginner to mid range instrument.
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