Hey guys, heres El senor problemo, I need a new guitar, I recentley dropped my washburn and well there is just too much wear and tear on it, I only have 500, my mother would help with tax but thats it
I play things like pantera,megadeth, but i need something versatile too, ex. cleans and good blues tones, and it would have to be able to handle high amounts of gain, also tuning is important also, it would be used for gigs

I've been looking at this


What do you guys think?
and do you guys have any suggestions, THanks in advance
Agile ps 900
Washburn Wi
Rogue bass

all running through podfarm platinum XD
if you're lucky enough to have a decent sized music store near you, just go there and play anything and everything that fits your budget... problem solved. personally i like the look of that ibanez, i have had a couple of their mid-priced guitars and they have never let me down! good luck!