Absolutely fantastic musician. Perhaps Last.fm's description puts it best:

"Lush, dynamic compositions with a wide range of moods, tones, and atmospheres make up the bulk of his work and will appeal to fans of progressive rock and progressive metal alike. The heavily layered and technical guitar work coupled with rhythmically complex drumming works together with carefully orchestrated synthesizer to create a unique listening experience."

The best about it is: the music's free. http://www.subjectruin.net/ is his site (surprisingly, you'll find the albums under the "music" link). I recommend it for any progressive metal fan.
He's awesome.

I have both the albums and I reckon the Dreamer's Paradox is the better of the two.

It seems like one big song, and there's catchy bits in there, sometimes I forget all about it and then one day I'll be humming a tune from it, and then I get hooked on it again. It's a vicious cycle .

Still, effin' good muzak, I say, old chap.