Hey guys, heres El senor problemo, I need a new guitar, I recentley dropped my washburn and well there is just too much wear and tear on it, I only have 500, my mother would help with tax but thats it
I play things like pantera,megadeth, but i need something versatile too, ex. cleans and good blues tones, and it would have to be able to handle high amounts of gain, also tuning is important also, it would be used for gigs

I've been looking at this


What do you guys think?
and do you guys have any suggestions, THanks in advance
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Washburn Wi
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broken link. and ur buying a new guitar just because our other one has some scratches and dent? and i would suggest something by schecter.
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Well if your previous guitar was a washburn you should check out the washburn WI64 its around 500 i believe and the guitarist from darkest hour uses it completely stock live. Yeah he has a nice rig but he himself has said the guitar doesnt recieve enough credit due to that fact that it doesnt have a les paul price tag.