Ok. So I was planning on getting a Jackson DXMG, Because someone recommended it and because to the trem system that it uses. But now I'm having second thoughts... I realized how much i change. For example, one day, i might write a totally bone crushing 'rah rah' metal song, but then the next day i might ease up a bit and write something a bit softer, like, for example... something along the lines of [the new, calm] afi/some of the weird stuff off coldplay's new album [like violet hill. i dont go any softer than that]. So my question is, would the jackson cover both of those things, or should i go for something completely different?


I'm still looking for a guitar with a trem. er... vibrato system, technically, i guess. [one that bends up and down].

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Jackson's are high quality Guitars. You need to keep in mind that a certain Guitar isn't limited to a certain genre of Music, any guitar can play almost any type of Music. It looks like you are thinking of a Amp. For anything Metal (of any type) and even Hard Rock i would recommend a Jackson.
you'll be fine i have a jackson and it is great for metal and any thing else you can play i go from metallica to santana to any thing with a good lead it's perfect