I stuck a pair of these bad boys in an Epiphone ES-335 I had lying around, because the G400 Epi pickups that were in it were pretty much trash. Anyway, the installation went off without a hitch from what I can tell, but the bridge pickup is EXTREMELY hot, and if I get too close to my amp (A Vox Valvetronix AD50VT) with the Gain cranked on certain channels, I get some really awful, ear-piercing feedback. Is this normal for these type of pickups, or did I do something wrong? I'd never changed pickups in a hollow-body before, so there is a decent chance that I buggered something up. Anyway, any help I could get would be great. =D
well...it doesn't happen with a guitar I got that has EMG HZ pickups...but it does happen with my other guitar that has a SD Invader in it(which is the hottest passive pickup ever I think)
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Perhaps lower the pickup height.

I'd almost expect feedback if you have the gain cranked, with that guitar, though.

Yeah, I still need to mess with the heights a little bit. Thanks for the help.
Yeah ive noticed hollow body guitars with high gain running through them tend be prone to feedback. Not sure why but def lower the pickup height as said above that has so much to do with tone.
Thanks so much everyone. You've all been really helpful. I'll post what I figure out when I get home from work.