hey y'all
got an enquiry bout 2 basses I own and whether changing the pickups is worth it

the 1st bass is the Fender aerodyne(made in Japan)
cos me £600. I only ever use the Precision pickup cos with both it sounds to muffly
I dont know who else suffers from this, but the E string boosts a hell of a load more than any other string.
is it worth me buying possibly like an American Precision pickup and switching it or does it just need a set up?

number 2! I own a mexican fender P bass
I just thought about upgrading the pickup to americans. will it make all that difference?
Yeah my Aerodyne does that a little too, the boosting i mean. Have you tried lowering the pickup on the right side so the pickup is farther from the string?
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I have tried that, will probably do it more
I had to lower the action too cos when I bought it, it was ridiculously high!

and Im a bassist who loves the clangy sound! lower the action the better