Poll: So, what of these should I get?
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Jackson Dinky
4 44%
Washburn WV40
1 11%
3 33%
Something Else
4 44%
Voters: 9.
So yeah, I play stuff like At The Gates, and a lot of other death metal. I play through a Mesa Boogie Road King. I'm looking for something with a fixed bridge, and I already have an Ibanez and I'm looking for something different. I already have 3 guitars in mind, but if you have anything else, tell me. I don't want to go above 800 bucks.
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Baritone guitars would be great, although pretty much any guitar can be used to play that low, providing your strings are heavy enough.
Heh, this is funny. I'm going to buy the MH-400NT in the next week or so, specifically because I don't want to take my seven-string to gigs (it's a Carvin).
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