After just getting into a band again for a few years away etc I picked up a Peavey bandit 80w amp. Now I'm not sure if it's because the whole band were playing but at practice tonight the amp became hard to hear at some points but I'm not sure if the amp is fading or not. The volume was at 7/8. Any ideas
Those Peavey Bandits are pretty loud, and it would be real loud at 7/8. One possibility is if you had the mids scooped a lot and your bandmates were also turned up a lot your frequency may have been getting walked on by higher frequencies from the other amps. If that's not it I guess there could be something wrong with the amp.
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What do you mean by the mid being scooped? The mid was about 3.

When the mids are quite low when the other frequencies are quite high, the mids are referred as being 'scooped'. On a graphic eq it would look like < the mouth.

The mids are what make you stand out, and cut through, so in a band situation its good to have them above 5ish, though thats just me.