So me and 3 other friends are leaving Sweden for cali. We have 11 days. We will land in LA and we have also decided to go to Vegas.

We are between 23-24 years old and we are looking for Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll! haha (just kidding... or not)

Can you give us some tips what to do and see and where you think we should go.

San Fra? San diego? Or just stay in LA till we leave for Vegas.
Any good concerts comin' up around 19-31 of aug?
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Fender Factory?

corona? or where is it?
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Fender Factory?

just to see a bunch of mexicans?
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Fender Factory?

the fender factory doesn't have tours anymore. I think.....

but there is the fender museum. it might be kind of fun but probably wouldn't be worth it in the end considering corona is a total **** hole

San diego is totally chill.....and i think radiohead is coming really soon. but it's probably all sold out.

idk, but i'd go to san fran anyway
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Santa Cruz, San Diego, Lake Tahoe are like the 3 greatest places in Cali, I been to all 3 and its AMAZING. Santa Cruz has lots of hot chicks and nude beaches about 50 miles along the coast line north, Lake Tahoe is just ****ing amazing, great food, great for breakfast and the lake is awesome, San Diego is the night life, go party, drink, drugs go crazy. Las Vegas and Reno are not too far away too they are great for partying and wanting to get laid. I just got back from Reno it was amazing. Everyone is wasted and lots of hot b1tch3s
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San Diego and LA are both great cities, and should be plenty of fun.

One thing... driving from LA to Vegas, don't speed too much. Those bastards WILL ticket you, unfortunately.
What type of music are you into?

First of all, if you're into acoustics you can tour the Taylor factory any week day at 1pm. Just show up. They're in San Diego.

Second, here are the shows I'm going to in that time period. If you want to come along to any you are more than welcome.

Tuesday 8/19 - Wendy Darling CD Release party @ Casbah / $10(local female/acoustic/indie)
Friday 8/22 - Broken Social Scene @ House Of Blues SD / $22
Saturday 8/23 - SoCo Music Experience @ Downtown SD (outside, Free!) some ****e bands, but the Black Keys are playing so I'll be there for that.
Weds 8/27 - Radiohead @ Cricket Ampitheatre (sold out, but tickets can be had for astronomical prices if you're interested)

I can help you with the drugs and rock&roll and maybe the sex if you're in San Diego. I've also got couches and lots of floor space for a night or two. I'm always up for supporting international travelers.

I'm 25, my roommate is 23.

I also have ~10 or so instruments around if you're missing some strings.

PM me if any of this sounds good (And if you're not crazy)

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Rent a surfboard somewhere and go surfing.

There are more places to surf than you can shake a stick at.

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just to see a bunch of mexicans?

1. Well he IS going to California.
2. you're a phag.