hey guys, im working on a fuzz face pedal, and ive got everything hooked up, but it only works on the clean tone, when i switch it to the supposed fuzz, its completly dead, no sound what so ever, anyone have any ideas what the problem could be??

the pedal im building is this one
I'd say you should get a multimeter and check every connection in there to make sure that they're all solid. Are the transistors in the right way round? Does the battery work properly?
Check to see if the electrolytic capacitors are the right way around. Also, did you solder the transistors in or socket them, and if you soldered them, did you use a heatsink? And are the transistors NPN germaniums?
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this says ground loop all over it. it's as simple as that. did you use standoffs?

this happened on my first build, distortion.
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i havnt soldered anything yet, i wanted to get it working before i solder everything togather

whats a ground loop, and what are standoffs, im very new to this, so please bare with me

he means tha if your sitting the board down on a peice of metal and the components touch this, it can short connections or if the metal enclosure is grounded it would basically ground the pedal...

and standoffs are little peices of plastic that go in the corners, or depending how the board is, goes into the board and holds the board up off the enclosure...

and how are you trying to test it without anything soldered together?
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this says ground loop all over it. it's as simple as that. did you use standoffs?

this happened on my first build, distortion.

Thats probbly the last thing it is...

The word you are searching for is "shorted". Standoffs preven a open circuit from shorting.

TS...whats the voltage when the B+ hits the board? Do you have an LED that comes on? Did you perfrom an mods? Whats the voltage on the transistors?

The pedal makes no sound when on....
How very vague
You haven't given much info but w/e. This may sound stupid but have you checked the power source? A dead battery can cause alot of fustration...
i have all the wires and such twisted togather for testing, and i would solder when it works, also i do have stand offs, so i doubt very much its a ground loop that is the problem, im pretty sure i have my caps the right way, just to be possotive how can i tell which side is + and which side is -

also is there a certain way to put the transistors??

and yup checked the battery, and its fine

i have no idea what the problem may be, is it possible there is a problem with my switch??