I've got a pretty decent half stack, that is rather powerful and packs a punch. I've been playing a lot of out door gigs with my band lately and I'm always the one that's being told to turn up. If you're facing the stage this would be what our set up is

Keys Guitar(me) Drums Guitar Bass

We set up in a slight arch. The problem I'm having is, I can barely hear the other guitarist and it always sounds like I'm over powering him from where I'm standing(witch is in front of my amp a few feet.) We try to condense everything as much as we can but it doesn't help. Out side there is nothing to bring sound back to you, it just keeps going.

I'm thinkin' ear plugs would help, maybe give me a better mix of what the audience is getting. What do you guys think? Though I must admit, it's kind of an ego boost when someone tells you to play louder... :-)
Put your amplifiers etc in front of the drums. Better for projection of the amps. Well, I have no idea really but I heard somebody on here once say it is better to have amps in front of drums.

And about overpowering, you need some stage monitors to hear yourself, that's why. My school has no stage monitors and at our gigs, I always seem to think I drown our rhythm guitarist out, yet everybody else says I don't drown him out (people watching)
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How far in front? We normally line it up with the very end of his drum rack. I think the farthest we can go is the edge of his bass drum with out it looking strange.
alright. We'll give it a try. Thanks. Oh, and we're too poor for monitors. We still run our vocals through a crappy 70s guitar amp. pretty horrible. I would kill for a PA.
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