So I have been working on this song for a while now, and I think it's starting to shape up pretty good... It's not 100% complete yet, but I would like some comments on the song though ;D

The song is in my profile, and I'll comment on your songs if you want

(You will have to imagine lyrics, cause I have not written any)
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lovin the build up and the delay effects....idk i guess its not really my type of music it got a little boring for me just my opinion. I would suggest adding more instruments possibly? Im not saying its bad. Your piano skills are amazing and the song has rhythym to it just got a little repetitive?
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Really liked the intro, but like mentioned above, it did get a little repetitive and boring. Sounds great though, really nice job dude.
the p[iano is awesome, I love the delays, and the drums entering is really cool, I think it sounds really cool, if you add vocals, you would sound EVEN better, this is the best thing i've heard today (with something else i heard this morning), great job!"""!! I can see all the time you invested into it.!

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very cool sounding! one thing i did notice is that there's quite a bit of very noticible clipping. fix that. i think that you should remove the delay once the drums come in. it's pretty easy to tell that quite a bit of this was synthed, since some of the piano licks are completely unrealistic, but it still sounds good. the drums are very cool too.

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Great job on keyboards

Drums sound REAL good, over great recording quality.

at around :59 I think more stuff should be going on

second keyboard track needs to be louder

you gotta tell me how you did those drums they are spot on

2:50 is great

at about 3:10 you need a guitar solo :P

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