Line 6 Flextone III vs. Peavey Delta Blues.

Peavey has a much better clean channel tone, but I am not sure how the pre and post gain controls really effect the lead channel.

can it be played at bedroom levels and sound good? like a very loud TV level.

everyone recommends a SS for practice or a fractional tube amp, and I swear amps sounds different in Guitar Center than they do a home and I have played them both there.

both are in the same price range and I don't care about the Flextone modelings and effects.

I really only play the blues on a Epi Valve Jr. halfstack through a Keeley modded BD-2 and I think my ears have grown out of the tone.

thanks for any advice.
i would say the peavey but thats just my opinion. unless your parents or neighbors get annoyed easily it should be fine for your bedroom.