I just bought a RR3 body to customise
So I've been trying a few mock ups in photoshop to see what I could and I've come up with these two ideas
Only a basic mod
Re-spray the main body red and then bevel the edges and spray them black
I haven't done any headstock designs as of yet but i plan on something along the same lines as the hook shape in the body

thats pretty sweet, although if that were MINE, i would put the cross/inverted cross inlays on it (like on Roope Latvala's ESP)
Nice but the points on #2 look very fragile.
Moving on.....
Yeah I see what you mean actually, Its only a rough idea anyway of what I could do. Once I receive the body Ill draw up the design and see what looks best
I like number 2, but I think it would look better in a symmetrical V format.
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Ill play around with the designs tommorow to see if I can come up with something better
#2 but make it less fragile. That and fix the lower wing! it's a bit off in #2! Make it more of a curve. Also what about painting the pickup rings? That'd be hot.
i like both but be careful with that pointed end on the 2nd one, it's prone to chipping.
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FYI, when Jackson does that, they actually add wood to the guitar, not cut out from it (RE: Demmel V). I would imagine because it is EXTREMELY fragile otherwise. I think it would look cool if done right, but you would need to take some steps to maintain the structural integrity on the guitar. Good Luck!
hmm interesting point, it could be possible to add the wood to the guitar, might actually make it an easier build