You know those codes you put in the phone before you dial a number that do different things? Like how you dial *67 before the number if you want your caller ID to be private? I was wondering if there was one you could put in that allows you to go straight to the persons answering machine instead of the phone ringing. I searched google but couldn't come up with anything.

im sorry that was a really ****ty joke, if you cant find it on google then it probably doesn't exist
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Of course not, landline answering machines are just set to pick up and record after so many rings...
it depends, i think for cellphones, each company has their own designated code to dial before the number to reach voicemail directly. but on domestic phone lines, i don't think it's possible
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haha but for real i heard about this on a local radio station. Ive never used it so idk how well it works but supposedly its good
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I dont think you can do it on a landline, but on a cell (and to another cell) you should be able to go to your own voicemail and find an option for sending a voice message.

Anyone else remember when that first came out? That might have been before text messaging...