I was just at Guitar Center and they really had some pretty bad guitar straps. There's got to be a lot of cool little guitar strap companies out there that aren't in the big stores yet. I like my old Built By Wendy in NYC strap, it has an old green plastic look and has these little vintage sparkly pictures of pin-up faces that's pretty cool.

As far as newer companies I like Couch Guitar Straps:

Their stuff is pretty unique, i hotlinked these from their myspace page, I have the white one on my Rickenbacker 330 and it looks really good

...that's actually Matt Costa with the brown strap....

......and Blake Miller of Moving Units with the striped one.

My guitar player has the brown one on his gold Tele, and our bass player uses the black and white one. So far they seem to last okay too.

What kind of non-big box straps do you use?
I never knew a strap could be pretentious. Now I know better.
I like "guitar center" straps. They're cheap, and they work. They hold up my guitar, just as advertised, and they don't look like I cut up my little sister's purse to make them. Whatever floats your boat though.
You work for nasa roc8995? I live in Huntsville AL I'm sure you know where that is if you are into nasa. Thats all there is here man lol The marshall flight center is here. Lots of rich people here.
I've been to Marshall SFC several times. I did some work with them a few years ago, it's a great facility. Huntsville is a gorgeous place, too.
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i agree about the guitar center straps btw. The strap is about the last thing I think about. I got me a strap a few years ago that i use and i havent never had to get a new one. I use only one strap. When I switch guitars i just put the strap on the other guitar. Although id like to have one on each guitar.