I want to learn how to play flamenco-style guitar
no real reason, I just think that it sounds awesome
does anyone have any tips or an idea of where to look?
I guess I just want to know the chords, scales and picking patterns generally used
I am coining new words like 'misunderstanding' and 'Hispanically'

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Playing actual flamenco guitar is kind of a big undertaking, but if you mean something vaguely flamencoey sounding, circle progressions are the way to go(going up in 4ths within usually a minor key). An example would be Am Dm G C F Bm7b5 E7. A common alteration would be to make the Bm7b5 a Bb, as it would create a smoother transition from the F and wouldn't sound too bad before the E7 since it could be treated as a Neapolitan sixth chord(might be a bit far ahead, if you really want to know, ask) or a b5 substitution of the E7(when you sub a chord for a chord a tritone away, in this case Bb for an E).
oh yea and one more thing im no flamenco expert but i know that flamenco was made to accompany dancers or somthing like that so keep that in mind
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Thanks, those are all pretty good things to get started with, it's probably going to take days just to go through that pdf
and yes I know that it is hard to fully learn how to play, I'm not expecting to, and that it was originally for dancing, and no, I don't know what a neapolitan sixth chord is
I am coining new words like 'misunderstanding' and 'Hispanically'

"Civilization is unbearable, but it is less unbearable at the top"
-Timothy Leary

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try looking at this soleares. i have this one tabbed out (not on UG). it might be what ur looking for
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You know, I have been going all around the net but I couldn't find a single example of solera or buleria compass...
I mean, I understand the accent in the 12, 7 3 etc beats, but I can't find examples of them to follow.....

have you tried some paco de lucia songs?
Flamenco is not only about notes but about compas. Do some research on the different palos of flamenco and you'll see how it's very rhythmic. Try some alegrias or bulerias, they're fairly straight forward.
look up and learn songs by paco pen~a, marino cano, manuel cano, and paco de lucia. 4 amazing flamenco guitarists
ya and thentheres this guy called Juan Serrano. he has alot of Arabic tinged peices. its really interesting because flamenco has alot of its roots from the middle east and arabia. when the Moors(islamic peoples) invaded spain they brought alot of their music with them. so thats why arbic music and flamenco sound kind of alike.