Hello again. Some of the users here helped me decide to get a Fender Jazz 24 to replace my Thunderbird. So, soon I will be sitting with the Thunderbird which I am never going to use. My only option it seems, is to sell it. However, I have several problems:

1. There are several dings and scratches on the back of the bass, and on the headstock.
2. The hardware is not good. The black surface on the screws on the bridge scraped off as soon as I turned them with the screwdriver, leaving the bare metal underneath with the black surface jagged out of it. (I've already scratched myself on this) Also, most of the screws on the pickups are stripped.( I know this is my fault for either buying the stupid thing, or for being bad with hardware, but can we set that aside for now?)
3. (This could be one of the worst points, in terms of reselling) We all know that the Thunderbird has terrible neck dive, and one of the ways to fix this is to re-position the strap button at the neck joint. Sadly, this left a hole where the button was before. Now, this is a positive thing! The bass no longer neck dives at all. However, most potential buyers might not recognise this. (I'm already thinking of putting another strap button where the old one was, to cover the hole and to provide an option)
4. Its a Thunderbird. Simple as that. It sucks balls.

So, I come crawling on my hands and knees UG, recognising my horrific mistake in buying the Thunderbird, and ask for your help in getting rid of it. If you have any advice on how to sell this bass whether its from fixing problems, marketing it in a certain way, where to sell it and who to, or just to give up on it, anything like that, please contribute.

One advantage I can think of is that I have the hard case for it, which is quite expensive and in good condition. Not many cases fit this bass so that could be quite desirable.

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Sell it for less and explain what happened with the fixing of the neck dive. Also get some filler and fill the sucker in
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