I was wondering if the Ceriatone JCM 800 was any good? It's handwired btw. But it's really cheap which makes me wonder...

Better than the modern day Marshall re-issues?


Edit: Looking at the 100 super lead, costs just as much. Thinking about that as well. Is Ceriatone close to originals?
Ceriatone makes great amps. Pretty close to spec (though not as anal as Metropoulos or Germino), and a great amp if you're on a budget. And yes, they are hand wired, point to point, always wonderfully done. I've always been impressed by their work.

However, don't let the price fool you. They are built in Malaysia (don't let that turn you off, Nik Azam is an awesome guy), so the shipping can get expensive based on where you live.

They make a bunch of different models too, I'd like one of their '66 100 watters (Marshall's first 100 watt head).
^that pretty much sums it up. There are better amps out there and if you live in the US and don't mind building it yourself there are cheaper options that are better as long as you know the right people, but if you want a premade amp then you won't beat there price even with the super high shipping.
Not taking any online orders.
I can get the shipping for $196 USD, which is about just as much as Metro. I guess it's a fair price. Just cant decide between the JCM 800 or the 100 Plexi. Is it possible to control Dirty/Clean with the volume knob on an 800?
You can but the 800's cleans aren't as good or as clean as the plexi's.

What kind of music are you looking for?
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If you've got it cranked, or boosted slightly with an OD, just roll of the volume.


They make a 2204 clone, so it doesn't have and actual clean channel.

Ceriatone sound really cool. I've recently been interested in trying something like a Bad Cat or Matchless, and their matchless clones are suppose to be top notch, so I may check one out.