I want this to be very heavy with drums using bass pedals none stop. bass, 2 lead guitars maybe rhythm but idk how to put this all together..If someone can help me really i want to finish this song bad i just am out of ideas. if anyone can at least do 1 part or add on i will reward them

Thank you

hope someone can help.
My Decaying Rose.zip
Hey, I tried, but since im not into this kinda music, sorry, i couldnt, but sounds ok, except for the tremolo picked parts....sounds like a chipmunk.

Yes, poop.
my suggestion is that to keep it interesting to the ear, and you have to do that by changing it up. i know you said you want the drums to be relentless, but a constant rhythm on all instruments is going to be uninteresting to the ear.

try going freaky on it with the guitar parts:

1. play 1 section at the same kinda idea that you have going on

2. play second section crazy fast. maybe tapping/sweeping. whatever you do, do it with notes, not powerchords. maybe start this section immediately after bar 3 ends.

3. play third section same as first (in rhythm/speed anyways). bar 4 would be good for this i think.

4. play fourth slow/maybe fast again. i would do this between bar 6 and 7

i would think this would make it many times more interesting to listen to. but maybe it doesn't fit your style.
I didn't think the odd time signatures felt right... so I went ahead and doodled with it, I hope you don't mind. If you like the ideas in there, use them, otherwise, ignore me. Your ideas are pretty good, they just need to be taken up a level... think about what the drums will do while you compose your guitar riffs... think about the bass and vocals... don't let yourself think like the only instrument is yours (be that what it may be), think of yourself as a part of the whole while writing. Anyway... best of luck... I hope I didn't sound like an ass.