I found an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Eclipse at a guitar shop today for $550 (regular price), but now I can't find it online, the only ones I can find are really expensive versions that look nothing like the one I played (which had a black satin neck and grey finish). Does anyone have any more experience with this guitar or know somewhere I can find a review?
Thank you.
I think you mean the silverburst. as far as Iknow, there is nothing called the Les Paul Eclipse. But they recently put out a limited edition silverburst. It's nothing different from a normal Epiphone Les Paul Custom except that it has a different finish.
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^Silverburst was my first thought too

That or you'd mixed Epiphone up with an ESP Eclipse...
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It had EMGs too if that helps.

EDIT: And the colour, if it helps, was kind of a grey sunburst thing, with the black streaks and everything.