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I'm nice to everyone
25 21%
I'm nice to almost everyone, except people I really don't get along with
69 58%
I'm only nice to people I like, **** the rest
22 18%
I hate everyone
4 3%
Voters: 120.
A good friend of mine told me something about myself that I have never realised. I am a very rude person to people that I don't like, particularly stupid people that I don't like. Now this friend of mine is always very friendly and civil to everyon, even people she doesn't get along with well, but for some reason I cannot do this.

I suppose I'm an asshole.

What about you? Are you a nice person to everyone?
Not at all I kill kittens for sport.

jay kay I'm a nice guy

Though I do give hell to people who are complete ass holes to me and/or other people.
Nice beaver.

(. Y .) (. Y .)
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No, i hate you.

Not really
I got told by several different people that I have an addictive personality, so I guess I'm nice enough.



I'm nice to people whom I first meet, but I'll make it obvious to someone that i don't like them. I can be sly about it, so they get enough of a negative feeling from me to just stay away.
I'm nice to people, unless I don't like them or they annoy me in some way. But I can be pretty arrogant and sarcastic towards people.

Generally being nice gives you advantages tho, as long as it's not the form of nice where you suck up to everything
I guess im nice to most people at first but if they're douces then not really
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I like to think I'm a nice person. But if I don't like someone I make it a point to just stay away from them if at all possible.
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Everyone except those that have betrayed my trust.

that was about 10x too serious for this website
everyone except those treacherous few that stole the pieces of my soul when I was 3
I am coining new words like 'misunderstanding' and 'Hispanically'

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I've been called everything from "meanie" by little 7 year olds to "asshole" by security guards and police officers... also on that list, jerk, wise ass, bastard, and many names along those lines
Eh I'm kind of an ass. It depends who I'm with.. I can be civil... and also at the same time I can be really obnoxious. I don't really care. No matter what you do someone won't like you.. so I don't really try I just chill.
Im nice enough to people...but when im drunk, one step out of line in my eyes = total removal of body parts (metaphorically).

But i do have this weird quirk where im daydreaming that someone pisses me off, and i imagine getting angry at them, then when i snap back to reality, i find myself being pissed off at that person for no reason....then after an hour or two ive calmed down

I havent been out much this summer
am i nice?

no i'm a complete and utter asshole and i'm damn good at it
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Don't stop being you <3

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Apparently I'm lovely.
Ego inflating praise here:
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Umm... no, not really.

I mean, I partake in mean activities sometimes.. I feel bad afterwards, but I do it anyway because it's funny.

I'm nice to... my girlfriend. That's about it :X.
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none of those options fit me.

I couldn't care less about people I don't like.

but I'm a sarcastic jerk to some of my best friends. I wanna change...
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...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
I'm generous to my friends. I don't waste time on people I don't like.
I've been told I'm the nicest/most sensitive guy they ever met by a few girls, and I get along with most people.


EDIT: I am not and will not ever be nice to a guy from the suburbs who thinks he's gangster.
To me:
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

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I'm nice to nice people. I'm a complete asshole to douchebags that deserve it. Like people like that wigger from that thread a few days ago, I'm an ass to pansies like that.
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I'm too shy to be nice, but if I get to know people I'm nice. What else could I be? Also I'm nice to strangers in the same way that anyone who's polite is.
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I'm too nice!

You can't just ask people if they're nice. It's most likely a biased answer.
I wouldn't just go up to some stranger in the street, ask him if I can trust him with anything and then give him my bank details if he says yes. Not the best analogy, very extreme but still...
I try my best to be nice to everyone, it's impossible, but doesn't hurt to try. Sometimes I lose control and bicker back with some, but I always try to apologize if possible.
i'm usually a nice and helpful person...
but if there's someone i don't get along with or like, i don't turn into a mean machine and flip out on them...
i'm just, sort of, "un-nice" with them...
i don't know...
I'm pretty much an asshole to everyone. I hate the world and it hates me back.

It's a good life.
I'm nice to just about everyone usually
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