I am using a Tascam Portastudio 414mkII Analog fourtrack (oldschool i know but i got it for free). Im recording my acoustic/vocals onto that then using an auxilary cable going from the output on the 4 track into the mic jack of my computer. Then i just use the sound recorder which comes on all of the windows computers and hit play on the 4 track to put the guitar/vocals onto my computer. I was wondering if there is any program to where i would be able to edit my songs to get rid of the ugly hissing noise that comes from the analog four track?
I think "AUdacity" is a free recording program that you should be able to use. I personally use Acoustica Mixcraft (torrent+crack :-) ) and its a very good program where u can edit the individual sound waves etc.

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thanks alot guys! : )

Im also looking into purchasing a digital 8 track or something i mean something not too expensive but yet not too cheap you guys reccomend anything?
^ I have a Fostex MR8 MKII 8 track for sale at $200 if you are interested
More info here:


PM me if interested, I've yet to get any offers.

the MR8 is the cheapest unit I have seen around MF and I have it for $50 off. I think you may have a hard time finding a deal like this. ebay only has the older MR8s for sale every now and then.
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