I've noticed a little problem with my playing and was wondering if anyone else suffered as well.

Say I'll play 2 songs with my Les Paul Classic and then play the next with my Les Paul Special. I'll then play the next 3 songs with my Strat.

Obviously with 3 different guitars there are subtle to major differences in the neck width, string spacing, action, etc.

When I switch I will make more mistakes due to the completely different feel of the guitar. If one is easy to do arpeggios on, I'll fudge those when I switch guitars but soloing might be easier on the one I switch to. I hope that makes sense.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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You need to practice the songs that you're going to play with the guitars you're going to play them with or just be a good enough player to play whatever you want on whatever instrument comes to hand.
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yeah.what i do is use my gibson sg for the tough stuff because i keep it higher, strap-wise. and then when i wanna have more stage presence i use my ibanez because i keep it lower, so it's easier to do stuff with, and becuase I'm less scared to break it
It's always nice to have more guitars just to be able not not use the same tone for an entire show.
i change guitars once in a while in gigs. i use my cheap Jackson copy with 9s and the neck is fatter than my RG. practice the songs with the backup guitar so you wont mess up.
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I switch between my strat and my gretsch, I use the strat for songs with hardcore breakdowns, and my gretsch for everything else.
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