I have $1200 sitting in pile in front of me right now. I've been to the music store 3 times in the last week and can't decide on what to get. Somebody help me quick before I spend it all on liquor and h@@kers.

The selection at the store pretty much sucks... Vox, Marshall, or Fender.

The type of music I play is: Godsmack, Papa Raoch, Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback, Misfits, and Alice in Chains

Need to be able to practice with the amp and play over a drummer in small venues. Planning on mic'ing it for bigger shows.

I'm leaning towards an all-tube combo, but a head and small cab could be an option.

I need to get some ideas so I can search out what stores to road trip to since the local selection is pretty limited.

Vox AC30 didn't do much for me

Marshall JCM 900 Combo sounded kinda tinny and weak

Any recommendations would be awesome. I'm in Erie, Pennsylvania... any good music stores in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Buffalo I should check out.
Vox AC30 isn't voiced for what you're looking for.

The Marshall JCM series usually sounds better cranked, so I'd give it a shot, seeing as how you plan on gigging with them. If you didn't already do so, test it cranked and get those power tubes cooking.

In that price range, I'd also consider some sort of Mesa combo, possibly a Mark IV, but I'll let someone else chime in on that.
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I like what DrNick suggested, the Mark IV is a beautiful combo amp, very versatile and has one of the smoothest lead tones I've ever came across, definitely check one out if you ever have the chance.
Other than that I'd say look into the Mesa Rectifier series, really good for metal and hardrock rhythm tones if EQ'd correctly.
Also the peavey JSX combo is incredible versatile and has tons of gain, also a very potential candidate for your style of tone.
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if you want a metal amp i heard the 6505 was good, the combo should be in the price range
Some of the amps that I have found searching the interweb that have a sound that I really like are:

Krank Krankenstein
Splawn Nitro

I realize they are out of my price range of $1200, but what amp in my price range would give this type of sound?
You might want to look at a Peavey 5150/6505+. You might also want to look at an ENGL Fireball, or an Orange Rocker 30.

Supposedly the Bugera 6202 (recently released) sounds superior to the 5150 for less. Check one of those out as well.
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For $300-400 you can get a Peavey xxx combo 40 watt, you can crank it, you can carry it, and you have all the tone you need clean, blues, jazz, classic rock, hard rock, metal, death metal, etc for cheap and can be heard by many in a show unless its a stadium of crowd then no worries, mic it up . Unless your recording or doing big concert i suggest you keep your money, though its your money, do whatever you want with it. Its just a suggestion. But if your going to shed that money go for a Splawn nitro, Mesa Mark IV or dual/triple rectro, benz diablo, and diezel . Don't waste your money in a Carvin V3, was very disappointed by it, very very disappointed, gush i had high hope for that amp, but was way off the mark.
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