in the song whole lotta love. (or other equipment)
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can't you look this stuff on that guitarnerd website or w/e?

EDIT: sorry, meant to say guitargeek. checked and nothing for him oddly...
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Really not a technique question is it?
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i posted a length set up of him in the zeppelin thread, also in a thread i called why isnt there a jimmy page only thread. look there. he is a bit more complicated then a petal also so once in one of those threads, ask a more narrowed down question. in those threads the zeppelin gods subscribe and will answer quickly and correctly.
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in the song whole lotta love. (or other equipment)

There's no proof of any pedal being used for Whole Lotta Love. All we get from Page is the Les Paul into a Vox Super Beatle. There's a chance a Vox UL7120 was the amp and Page got it mixed up with the Beatle. That theory mainly comes from the UL being spotted at a show 2 days before the recording for Whole Lotta Love.

Some may suggest the solo was done with the wah in the treble position which seems to work, Page never mentions it though. That in my opinion can also lead to the Super Beatle being the amp used because of it's mid range boost circuit which can give off tones similar to a fixed wah.

If you want more info on Page's gear this covers a large portion of what he used during Led Zeppelin. It's much more accuarte and detailed than any gear website you'll come across.

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Didn't he use a violin bow in whole lotta love.

There's no bow in it. The wild middle section is a theremin.