Hey guys/girls, my name is anthony, im lookin to start a rock/alternative maybe cross into the hardcore band. i live in woonsocket RI, which is very close to mass. i play electric guitar. i need a vocalist, bassist, and drummer, and another guitarist would be nice
i might be moving to mass/ rhode island soon

i could do bass
Guitars/ Basses:
PRS SE singlecut w/Tremolo
Epiphone Sg
Epiphone Thunderbird

Waiting in the wings:
Squier Strat mod
(soon to start)

Line 6 Spider JAM
Peavey Max 115 bass amp
what do you consider hardcore? I live in RI as well, and im SERIOUSLY thinking of leaving the band i am in. They don't like the same type of music i am into. I play guitar, and i listen to bands like G'n'R, Atreyu, BMFV, Avenged Sevenfold, and Pantera. Would you be playing lead or rhythm, cause i wouldnt really care which.
The genres you mentioned are pretty vast, so would you mind naming some bands you'd consider influences? I'm in MA and some of my favorite bands are Minor Threat, The Smiths, the Pixies, Dead Kennedys and punk and alternative like that and I have no idea if that's the kind of stuff you mean. I play bass by the way.
wassup? Im Brian 25 love to jam and chill. I have a ESP Bass and Peavey 100 Watt amp. I play mostly by ear and have been playing bass for over 4 years and been performing for about fifteen years. I play Saxophone too lol. I can play most anythin you put in front of me. I love the white stripes, breaking benjamin, nirvana, three days grace, everything as long as its good. I live in NE connecticut and would be down to jam and see how we would fit. Hit me up pomposelli@hotmail.com or on here.