Hey i was wondering, if i run a ts9 through an ac at full gain, would the tone compare with full gain on a marshall to get sounds like GnR or maybe even heavier?
diming gain=
if you want, put your amp's gain at about 6-7. Then with the ts9, dime the level and cut the gain, then progressively rise the gain and lower the level till satisfied.
^Diming the "gain" (preamp volume) on an AC30= It's not a high-gain amp, so it works very well.
Anyway, with the AC30CCs you could probably do GNR without a pedal if you bridge the channels and EQ it carefully at a decent volume. You definitely wouldn't want a tubescreamer for that sound though- not nearly enough bass. I'd suggest something like a clean boost, fat boost, or treble booster w/mid boost switch. A lot of rangemaster clones have a treble/mid/full boost option. The mid or full boost will definitely get you there. I'm assuming you have an LP, by the way. That is pretty essential.
i dont have an lp, yet, but i was looking into a new amp, and i dont want to fork out another $500 for an orange for the gain it has over the vox if i can use my ts9 to get the same gain from a vox, i have tried the vox with the pre amp volumes full and worked the master, but the gain didnt compare as much with the rocker