HI everyone, i am a new member here

Well, I got a question lately
I had my LTD F250 for a while, and Roland Cube15
now I want to upgrade my guitar and amp
(I wanna change to a active pickup instead of my passive pickup)
I know people would probably say I should save more money to buy another guitar, coz LTD is kinda crappy, it is meaningless to upgrade it
However, I love my guitar a lot and this guitar means a lot to me, so upgrade it is the only way for me

So I am just wondering is there any pickups and amp fit my guitar
anywayz, I love playing different kind of music, but I mostly play Metal and Jrock music
and I was thinking of DiMarzio PAF Pro PU and Marshall amplifier?

should I go for it or it doesnt fit my guitar?

I should probably stop asking too many question
I hope someone can answer my question
blackouts for pickups
for an amp, i just got an ibanez halfstack, the x tone blaster, its so nice, plays clean and has a wide range of distortion.
What marshall amp were you thinking about getting? The guitar is probally not worth upgrading.
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What marshall amp were you thinking about getting? The guitar is probally not worth upgrading.


^^ibanez amps are terrible. you want a tube amp, trust me.
i'll say Duncan Custom for bridge and Full Shred neck. but that wouldnt do much change cause of the amp. if you plan to buy a marshall, dont go near MGs. i have one and it's good and reliable for practice but when you crank it, it sucks. save up for a better amp.
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Active pickups require a rewire, and I suggest going with passives (Dimarzio D-activators maybe) and a peavey windsor studio or Valveking 112.
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what style? budget?
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I am so surprised that many people reply me within a couple hours

For the ibanez amps tube amp, any model recommended?

For rewire active pickup...does it cost a lot?
is there a big different between active and passive
(Although I hv never try what active pickup sounds like, but all of my friend told me try to get active pickup becoz it is much better....^^)

for the budget, i am still a uni student, so i dun expect my amp more than 500, but i will try to get second hand.........
For changing pickup and rewire, hopefully it wont cost me more than 500 too, otherwise i have to wait after Christmas

And I thank you every experts being very nice to teach me
For the amp, I'd suggest a Microcube. They've got the modelling, as well as effects, and they can get LOUD.
As far as pickups go, I reckon Seymour Duncans would serve you well, but not really sure about what kind (Active/Passive, indifferent).
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Don't forget to think about the rest of your electronics. Crappy pots and wiring can really rob your tone. Its a few extra bucks but if you're going to upgrade do it right. CTS pots are good. www.guitarelectronics.com has them all and diagrams. They also have shielding which is another good idea. I doubt that guitar has any.

I have a Scheter Hellraiser with active EMG and I love it. They are pretty diverse too. But for actives they have to route a hole for the 9volt battery. I would stick with passives, the only reason you really want to go to actives is to get more output. There are plenty of high-outpus passive humbuckers. Both seymour duncan and Dimarzio have audio samples on their website. This way you can take the suggestions you get here and hear them before you buy.

The Duncan Custom Custom is a high output pickup with more bottom end, based off of the '59's I think. Also the Duncan distortion has more full presence whereas the Custom Custom, Custom, '59 are closer to the classic rock Gibson sound. I have some Custom Customs coming for one of my project Guitars. Also the fullshred and stag mag have more high end response and clarity for shredding.

I don't know much on the Dimarzios. I have a PAF Pro in the neck of my SG and I love it. It sounds like it may be a bit light for your application though. It just depends on what total sound you want. I usually play harder rock with only my bridge so I get a hotter pickup for bridge and something more toned down for clean. This way I have more versatility. But if you play heavy riffs and such with both your bridge and neck than you'll want to keep them both with higher output.

If you haven't been playing very long I suggest go for more of a medium output rock setup like a Custom or Custom Custom or Alnico 2 bridge and a Jazz or Alnico II for neck. This will give you alot of versatility. The fact is you can make a low output humbucker sound metal with enough distortion, and the differences between some pickups are pretty small. You also don't want to build up a guitar specifically made to shred or metal in case you want to play some lighter stuff, especially since this is your only guitar. At least that's what I would do.

Another thing you might want to think about is coil tapping. If you want the versatility of a lighter Strat-like sound for some cleaner stuff, you may want to wire at least your neck P/up for coil tap. Guitar Elec has the diagrams and the Push-Pull pots for it.

Anyway good luck, and take your time. I always love putting together a new projects. Choosing the perfect pickups and elec setup is almost as much fun as playing it the first time.

If it's a Marshall MG or AVT, don't get it.
Get a nice tube combo.
Second hand JCM800, or the Peavey 5150, or the combo version of the Laney GH50L (forgot the model name, but it's amazing).
Pickup wise, if it's an LTD, I'm assuming you'll be playing heavier stuff?
Go for something like the Dimarzio Super Distortion, or even the X2N if you want pretty high gain sounds, or the Seymour Duncan JB if you want just nice sounds in general.
Neck pickup, go a SD Jazz or maybe a Dimarzio FRED.

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on the amp front it depends what you would use it for
if your using it to practice and play small-average gigs i would reccomend getting a roland cube 30x
He already has a Cube, if he were to upgrade it'd be a tube combo. If you like your LTD look into the 400 series. Plenty of shapes/models and they come with aftermarket pickups.
Who says Ltd's are crappy?
Put either emg 81s or blackouts.
i dont have to worry since I have an Ltd F400Fm came stock with emg 81s
Don't worry about pick ups just yet, amp is most important. Get tubes, not just one tube either ;D