Hey new to this site and i got some questions,

I have an older mesa boogie single recto-verb that has got a problem with it, the fuse blew while playing and when I tried putting a new one in, it blew again right when i turned it on. Also one of the 6l6s is a lot dimmer than the other. My question is am i in need of new tubes? and if so what are good replacements for this amp? Sound is heavy distortion, but also like a warm clean tone, thanx for the help.
Definitely sounds to me like your Mesa's in need of a tube swap. Check out Doug's Tubes, The Tube Store and Tube Depot. Just ask them for replacement tubes for your Rec and all of those places should be able to set you up with tubes matched to sound right in your amp (seeing as Mesa's are all fixed non-adjustable bias amps).

However, the fact that the fuse blew twice is indicating a problem somewhere in the circuit i.e. a tube change might not fix the problem. Change the fuse again (making sure it's the right type/rating) and put in your new tubes. If the fuse blows again, take it to a tech, cause then you probably have a more complex problem on your hands.
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Its possible the tube could have shorted itself, it happens. Pull the power tubes and see if the fuse still blows.
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Replace the power tubes... then replace the fuse. 95% of the time the reason a fuse blows is related to a bad power tube.

While it is most likely a tube shorting, there is still also that 5% of the time that it could have to do with other things in the circuit. Before sticking new tubes in there, make sure its the tube's problem, not the amps. Pull the power tubes out, and check the fuses.
^Do that. If it's got a tube recto setting, switch to SS too. A failed rectifier could do the same thing.
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^Do that. If it's got a tube recto setting, switch to SS too. A failed rectifier could do the same thing.

Funny story about tube rectos, I shorted my rectifier socket while doing some work on my amp last weekend (damn shaky hands...), and freaked the hell out when it basically threw the rest of my tube socket voltages out of whack.

This was at 6 am in the morning. I literally went to bed right afterwards and felt into this deep depression thinking that I had ruined my new amp. For some reason got it into my head to call and bitch to a girl I used to date about how I ruined my investment and slept the rest of the day off trying to convince myself it had been a bad dream.

Then, I checked it closer later, and it turned out that all it did was simply blow one of the fuses. Words can't explain how thankful to god I was, and I'm an agnostic.
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Shorted rectifiers are bad news. What were you doing, putting diodes in in case the rectifier failed?
Not even!

I was getting strange negative grid voltages and current draw on my power tubes and was just checking the rectifer to make sure everything was in order back there!

I will say this, I built the amp, so as far as I'm concerned, nothing is very bad news unless I **** up one of the transformers, everything other than frying a major component is very user fixable (thank god for the guys over at the metropoulos board).

Except as far as I know, my rectifier may still have issues, I was afraid of checking again! (I'm still in the process of trouble shooting everything) That amp is like my "weekend car." A Marshall plexi simply doesn't work in my weekday apartment. Haha...
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you might have the wrong fuse
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thanks for the help guys ill check it out, and see if i can get this thing pissing off my neighbors again
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