Guys i need this PS0913B-230 but i think i won't find it in here (armenia) so cani buy adapter with like 9V and 1.3A(as the one that's needed) and than convert it from DC to AC adapter


am notsure that i'll find the original one and am not sure that will find something like that but and AC

Probably not, they're two different types of electricity, like the difference between wall current and a battery (don't quote me on that because it's probably wrong...).
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That's not what you need. You still need DC.
You're getting 240 volts AC from the wall, you need 9v DC into your pedal. Any AC/DC adapter that puts out 9V and 1.3A or more (from 240V AC) will work as long as the plug fits. I would try a local electronics shop, they'll have something for you.
The TS question doesnt make much sense to me, but I think he is asking if he can just buy a regular power cord instead of the Digitech? brand power supply. and YES he can. Radio Shack or any similar store should have one. The so called "adapter" is actually sort of a transformer, since its converts the AC to DC to run the pedal. Anything powered by batteries is DC.

Oh wait, Armenia? 220 volts....dang, now im confused....

Anyways, I use a radio shack adapter on my Boss BR-600, it works just fine. The voltage matches, but I think the mA's are off a little.....
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most pedals that need AC can also been run on DC without trouble

they've probably got bridge rectifier and possibly regulator in there that converts AC-DC

and if you feed DC into it will stay DC

otherwise, a cheap DC adapter will probably have a couple of diodes and a capacitor inside....get rid of that and you're back to just the transformer giving you plain AC.... but be aware that its usually a bitch to take those things apart as they're covered in epoxy to stop people from messing with them
Don't plug AC into a pedal that uses a DC wall-wart.

It has a DC adapter jack for a reason; it won't have a bridge recto in it. Saves money and parts to just leave them out, plus the added weight of a PT is just rediculous. A wall-wart is gonna hum like a tree full of bees. You're better off just getting the adapter made for the pedal.

You can, however, add a couple filter caps to the wall wart the vastly reduce hum (you'll have to re-house it though).
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