recently i recorded myself plays some tuff with alot a trills and lagato slides...and i was really turned off by how chopy i sound while trilling and cahnging from string to string during trills/lagto slides...does any one know any good exercises or tips for improving my fluency and smoothness....if i could id lke to get my trills and stuff up to slash status lol... his **** is amazing...its like aunt jamimas flowing off his strings ..any help is much apreciated
that is a fact... but seriously does anyone no any good exersises to use for practiceing trills/legatos..or phrasing ideas or rules for them...i feel lke there is some bit of knowledge slash ,and other players know, prashing and rythmicly when they play these fast leagato/trill runs, that i havent caught on to yet....there playin sounds so symetrcical if u get wat i mean by puting it that way..
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