I have a few new items(My wife bought me some things she didn't know I already had) and some used items..

New items first:
Avenged Sevenfold: City of Evil tab book, sells new 25$+tax, will do 20$ shipped
Digitech: Grunge distortion: New in box, pedal still in plastic. Sells 50$ new, how about 35$ shipped. Here's a pic of a new one:

Used Items:
Jackson DK-2 tremolo: Black, with springs/claw
Epiphone: 6 black tuners
Ibanez Lo-TRS II bridge: black
Ibanez Original Edge Tremolo: Black
Ibanez Edge III Tremolo: Gold
SD Jazz pickup, black
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How much for the Duncan?

I have mislabled it. Turns out SH1N means Seymours '59 model, also it has a two conducter lead instead of 4. I think have the box somewhere laying around. Houw about 65$ which includes shipping?

I also have a Fender Texas Specials bridge

Strat MiM stock ups

Also have: X2n, 2 evo's. bareknuckles: Whart hog bridge.

And tons of Ibanex stock pups and parts :V7SV8 sets, V2SV1 parts, and INF1,INFs3,INF3 pups.

Also have ton of ibanez tremolo's. I am saying Ibanez Zero Resistance, Edge I, EdgeIII, Lo TRS I, Lo TRS II, and Edge Pro.
I'm liking that '59. Would you reccomend it as a neck pickup, because my current neck is terrible for cleans, and even worse for distortion.
I am pretty sure it is for neck? or thats what people use it for, I was going to try it on my razorback, but I am just sticking with the Super distortion I put there.
Are the Evo's for neck or bridge? And the INFs3 is a single coil right? How much would one of each be?
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INFs3 is a single coil, the Evo I don't think is "designated" neck or bridge, people use them for both spots.
How much for one of the TRS/Edge 1 trems? The Jackson?
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I think so, Brain, but where would we buy rubber pants at this hour?
Jackson bridge: comes with claw, springs, tremolo bar: 100 shipped
I don't think I have the posts for the following, but I can also look. But I do have claws/springs/and tremolo bars:
Lo-TRS II $70 shipped
Lo TRS I $70 shipped
Original Edge 140$ shipped
Edge Zero Resistance: 220$ shipped
Change of prices.
Time to sell *ALL* my spare parts. Prices include shipping =O

Solid black:
SD '59 Neck, single conductor, 65$
SD '59 Neck, four conductors, 65$
Bill Lawrence L500R (neck) Brand new in box, 55$
Swineshead Warthog: 45$
INF1/INFS1/INF2 set: 55$ (have 2 sets)
INF3/INFS3/INF4 set: 55$
INF2/INFS3 pair: 40$
V7/S7/V8 set : 70$
Dean razorback stock neck pickup 15$
Chrome cover bridge pickup from Epiphone SG-400

Ibanez neck: S Series (from s620) Wierd slash design on 12th fret, blue/white head. 140$
Ibanez Neck: RG series (From RG320) Shark inlay. Includes cosmo(black chrome) locking nut, tuners. 215$
Ibanez neck: RG series (from RG321) Dot inlay, rod cover only., $140
Jackson Dinky neck: Shark fin, includes locking nut, and tuners, black. $200

(Black unless mentioned otherwise. Include spring claw, springs, no posts/anchors unless mentioned)
Ibanez Floyd Rose from RG: 70$
Ibanez Edge Lo Pro: 185$
Ibanez Lo TRS II: 70$
Ibanez Lo TRS II (gold): 70$
Ibanez ZR Trem+Posts (Cosmo/black chrome): 200$
Ibanez Original Edge (cosmo) 130$
Ibanez Original Edge (gold): 130$
Ibanez Edge III: 130$
Ibanez Anchors (Thick): 20$
Ibanez Anchors (Thing): 20$
Jackson Dinky Pro DK-2 Bridge+Posts: 90$

Neck plate and screws, black, no label, from an ibanez: 22$
Neck plate and screws, black, no label, from Jackson DK-2 dinky: 22$
Ibanez brand labeled gig bag, black, : 30$
Ibanez GRG pots, wiring, switch, and black chrome knobs: 25$
Ibanez tremolo plate: 15$
Ibanez cavity plate set: 30$ (have 2 sets)
Gibson black Les Paul tuners: 30$
Ibanez black Tuners: 30$
Ibanez cosmo knobs (2): 15$
Ibanez chrome knobs (2): 15$
Ibanez black knobs (2): 15$
Ibanez neck screws: 10$ (have 2 sets)
Tremolo Arm for Ibanez TRS/TRS II: 13$

I may also be willing to sell/part a red metallic Ibanez S470. The body has two rashes on the back paint. It has a Lo TRS bridge and V7/S7/V8 set, sharkfin wizard neck.