How many of you play guitar high or drunk? I always have a blast for a while when i do, but usually i lose focus and end up just trying to make melodies which don't sound very good, and then i give up. I feel like if i was better at guitar, it would be even more fun.
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I did it the second time I was high, it was amazing. It feels amazing, but you play like crap lol.
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whenever i play in an altered state of mind i can play much better than when im clean or atleast that is what i think.

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Playing drunk......

lets just say that I did a good slash drunk impersonation (I was playing the solo of One by metallica one string down all the way thru without noticing lol)

Playing high for some reason I play quite well. I've even created two cool sounding songs while high lol
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I never could do it. I could play awesome while on lsd or shrooms. drunk or weed, nope.
Its even more fun to play messed up, I miss a lot of notes though haha.
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Playing while extremely drunk is the most impossible task in the universe, you're fingers have no speed at all and you forget what you're playing before you start playing it. While stoned, playing guitar is one of the funnest things to do imo.