I just wanted to know, I've been playing for 2 years on my Epiphone Les Paul Special II . But do you think your playing was ready? or just wanted a new one.
i knew it was time when i had terrible fret buzz, developed basic relative pitch, my guitar was beaten and I had 400 bucks in my pocket.
One good way to tell is if your current guitar was lit on fire because it got used in a satanic blood ritual. Can't get much more metal than that.

Other people, however, seem to buy a new guitar to complement their existing one, style-wise (Tele for LP, electric for acoustic) or if they like how another one plays. I tend to stick to my one guitar since my skills are pretty meager and learning the string separation and fret spacing on another guitar would just slow down my progression.
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when i took my 1st electric guitar and smashed it in my friends driveway along with 4 or five of my closest friends
then went, s hit
what am i gonna play now?
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I bought a new one after royally f-ing up my first one, then another one kinda as a reward for myself practicing a lot and getting better.
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It's new guitar time when you have money.

that's how i see it
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When I realised that everything I did on my guitar sounded exactly the same.
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unfixable intonation on my crappy guitar .... sooo new guitar time!

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I agree with the money thing, and how sometimes there comes a point when your old gear just doesn't cut it anymore.
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I dunno. If I ever feel like I need one, I'll get one.
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My parents got their income tax and i asked for a new guitar ( i wasnt serious) but they said yes and i got a Epiphone Les Paul Standard. it was so basass. but my first guitar wasnt bad it was really the amp.
Easy test to tell if it's a good day for a new guitar...

What day is it today?

Does that day have any Ms?
Does that day have any Ws?
Does that day have any Ts?
Does that day end in Y?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then yes, it's a good day for a new guitar.